Car rental in USA

Car rental in USA

The United States of America, the land of opportunities. The possibilities that this country covers for your vacations are practically unlimited in time and space; It would take a lifetime to get to know each magical place throughout its 50 states and capital, Washington D.C. The country is approximately 27 times larger than Spain and, given its immensity, it is necessary to resort to rent a car. USA stands out notably for its coasts. On the east coast you will find big cities like New York, Boston or Washington. About 5000 kilometers, crossing its midwest fields and the rugged mountains of the wild west, is the east coast, with the incredible and sunny California and its impressive places like San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego. So varied is what you can find here as is the mix of cultures that have defined the character of each of the cities. Find your rental service with the comparator: cars, USA and your choice are the key to a comfortable and worryfree trip.


Travel with the car through the US


It is clear that there are countless places to discover in the United States. An experience around the great city of New York is a good way to start the adventure. There is the United Nations Organization, which makes it a very important place in international relations, finance, politics, education, entertainment or fashion. If you want to find some action or if you are an active tourism lover, continue your trip with the car to the Rocky Mountains or Rocky Mountains, an incredible mountain range that begins in Alaska, in the northwest, passing through Canada and reaches the area Southwestern United States, in New Mexico. If you prefer some sun, beach and long walks on the sand, you should go to the coast of Florida or California. It is clear that with the amount of options you have, it is necessary to resort to rent a car. The USA has four time zones and requires a lot of travel to know as many sites as possible.


Where to go with your rent a car? USA offers countless destinations

Compare and rent cheap cars in Usa

Car rental in the United States is an interesting option for anyone who wants to discover as many sites as possible, in a given time. Thanks to the rental, you can decide how long you want to stay in one place and when you want to leave for another destination. If what you want is a tour of the east coast, drive your car to Washington D.C., the capital and seat of the United States government. In addition to the many monuments of the city, here you will find the Capitol and the White House. If you are interested in the history of the United States, then you will have to go to Boston, Massachusetts. Here there are not only museums that will show you historical facts, but also numerous buildings that recall the beginnings of the country and the elite of old Europe. Then you can continue in the most diverse city in the whole country: New York. The sights of the city are endless, relax in Central Park or be amazed with Times Square: the street of lights.


But you also have the entire west coast to explore with your car rental in the United States. Route 1 will lead you to beautiful beaches and the famous cities of San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. Drive to the famous Hollywood sign as seen in the movies and enjoy the walk of fame, maybe you have the opportunity to meet a celebrity on its streets or beaches. If you do not want to decide between the east or west coast, you can also visit the famous Route 66, which guarantees incredible landscapes and very diverse cities in the United States.


United States weather


In a country as large as the US it is possible to find almost any climatic situation. Lovers of sun and beach climates have surely heard of Florida’s beaches, with cities as worldwide known as Miami and Orlando. Nor is it a bad idea to go to Texas and put on a hat like in the old western movies

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