Tips for renting a car in the US and knowing the insurances needed

renting a car in the US a

If you are going to make a route along the West Coast, you are probably in the odyssey of renting a car. Well, I have good news for you, you have reached the ideal site. Here you will solve all the doubts you have before confirming your reservation. That way you will have all the necessary information to rent a car in the US and the necessary insurance.


Let’s see where I start. It is not a secret that the best way to explore the national parks is with your own vehicle, since it allows you great autonomy, not depending on public transport or the stops that your tour guide wants to make. You can also make as many stops as you want, since in this corner of the world, everything will be familiar to you thanks to the cinema and you will need many stops on your way.


And to do it without problems or at least mitigate the damages that may happen in case of an accident, we will have to take out a series of necessary insurance when renting the vehicle with which we will make our route along the West Coast. Next you have a lot of TIPS to keep in mind and, in passing, get the best offer.




I always advise renting a 4 × 4 SUV on the West Coast, because when you visit the national parks, you go from one place to another on roads between forests to reach a viewpoint or a place of interest and if for some reason you want to lunge into the road because you have seen an animal that you want to photograph, or simply some meadow that you have found beautiful, it will always be easier to leave the asphalt with a car a little higher than a normal tourism.


In addition to this extra height that 4 × 4 cars have, even if you are not going to get on difficult roads, it is very good, since this trip goes with the luggage of all the occupants, so I do not like to go with a tourist overloaded and praying not to give in the low in any carelessness. He thinks that these SUVs, as they call themselves, are slightly higher and 4-wheel drive cars.




The first thing you should have defined is the segment or type of vehicle you need, so that it adapts to the space needed for the number of people you are going to travel. And above all, do not forget the necessary space for luggage. It is normal to hire a slightly baggy vehicle. I remind you that in this type of travel you usually do not repeat night in the same place almost never, so you must pack again and again, so that your luggage will increase with the passing of days.


It is advisable to hire the rental car online in advance, so you can choose the type of vehicle you need, making sure that when you arrive at the destination you have your car already booked. If you leave it for the end, it will surely cost you more expensive and you will have to settle for the model available at that time.


If you want to save when renting a car in the US, put the main driver with the most seniority in your driving license. Since if you are less than 3 years old at the wheel or less than 25 years, you will be charged a daily supplement.


To rent a car you need to have a Visa (non-debit) credit card, since that is the means of payment with which you will be charged all costs, those initially contracted, and possible future expenses, such as fines of traffic.


There are trackers such as Rentalcars, to find the best price among all companies, such as when you are looking for a flight. In addition, they have free cancellation in case you decide to change plans and want to cancel the reservation, being able to do so without any charge until 48 hours before the scheduled time for the collection of the vehicle.




Vehicle insurance is a fundamental issue and you have to be very attentive to the concepts that are insured and those that are not. As much as you see the phrase “All insurances included” announced in any offer, in the price you will never have all insurances included. I have never said, since this is part of the working method of all car rental companies.


It may be insurance that covers a little more or a little less, but there will always be an improvement to offer you behind the counter, either by the loss of keys, roadside assistance or protection of the low. Therefore, you should keep in mind that you will always have to add something to the price.

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