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What is Autocitizen

CTP (auto-citizen) – a type of compulsory insurance for drivers. The cost of the policy, coverage and liability limit is regulated by law. The policy is valid exclusively in the USA

According to the legislation of Ukraine, the following groups of population are exempted from OSAGO:

– Participants in hostilities and war invalids recognized by law

– Disabled people of the І group who personally control the vehicle belonging to them

– Persons driving a vehicle that belongs to a disabled person of group 1 in his presence.

Sum Insured and Benefits

The insurance coverage amount for compulsory motor TPL insurance is

– up to 100 000 usd – covering damage to property

– up to 200 000 usd coverage of damage to life and health

– up to 50 000 usd damage coverage for the Europrotocol (without calling the police, without the traffic police certificate)

For some groups of the population, preferential terms for the purchase of a CTP policy – 50% discount:

– Pensioners

– Disabled people ІІ groups

– Participants of the war

How to increase the insured amount of CTP

You can independently increase the insured amount of liability if you purchase a policy of voluntary insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners. At low cost, the policy allows you to increase the insured amount of liability to third parties (up to 100 000 usd).

Advantages of voluntary liability insurance:

– the conditions of the policy are different from the CTP policy only by the sum insured

– it is possible to increase the limit at any moment of the action of the basic insurance policy

Fast clearance

CTP is a member of the direct settlement system, which allows the victim in a traffic accident to apply for payment directly to our company, and not to the insurance company of the person responsible for the accident. This is possible provided that you have a CTP policy acquired from Oranta Incorporated, and that the perpetrator of the accident also has an CTP policy of a company participating in the direct settlement system.

USA Technical Support

During the validity of the policy, each client can use the USA technical assistance free of charge – transportation (towing) of a damaged car to the nearest service station.

Car insurance is a reliable protection of your vehicle or other vehicle from damage or loss, as well as driver’s liability insurance. Insurance even requires experienced drivers and cars that have left under the wheels of more than one hundred thousand kilometers.

Auto protection

The program “Auto Protection” provides the owner of the “Avtocivilivka” policy with the protection of his vehicle from damage and / or destruction resulting from an accident (accident) caused exclusively by his fault or by the fault of the driver of the insured car, in the presence of two or more participants.

Insurance terms

From now on, together with the policy, you will have the opportunity to purchase a policy under the program “Auto-protection”, which, in the event of an accident, will protect your car from your fault.

The policyholders can be: physical and legal persons, business entities.

Insured vehicle: a car registered in Ukraine, with a permanent technical passport and with a lifetime of up to 20 years (inclusive).

Insurance indemnity: the calculation of the amount of the insurance indemnity is based on an Insurer’s valuation, without depreciation depreciation.

Minimum age of drivers who are entitled to manage insured TP: 26 years.

The minimum length of drivers who have the right to manage the insured TP: 2 years.

Term of insurance: 1 year.

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